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Talking about the influence of cutting precision of paper cutter on paper products

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The cutting accuracy of the paper cutter is very important for the quality of paper products. According to some existing production conditions, the quality of the product has a great relationship with the operation mode of the paper cutter and whether the equipment is properly adjusted. Therefore, in some manufacturers of paper products, the adjustment of the paper cutter accuracy is very necessary.

Program-controlled paper cutters are constantly improving

In normal production, it is not difficult to find that the problem of cutting accuracy of paper products is one of the defects caused by the daily quality performance of products. After performing observation and research, it is found that in addition to improper operation of the paper cutter, there is another reason that debugging is not done well. This is mainly because the precision adjustment of the equipment is a kind of work that requires patience and meticulousness. Only when the calibration is in place, can better and more precise production of high-quality paper products be achieved.

Fortunately, with the development of technology now, many paper cutters are equipped with automatic calibration, or controlled by programs. It can be said that it is more and more advanced, and it is more convenient in our use.


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