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The advantages of high consistency refiner in the papermaking process

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high consistency refiner

The high consistency refiner is realized by a high-consistency disc refiner or other high-consistency refining equipment. The high-consistency beating ratio and low-consistency beating can significantly improve the performance of paper, such as tensile strength, tearing degree, folding resistance, Bursting resistance and elongation have been significantly improved.

 The high consistency refiner  effectively, fully and uniformly process the slurry. The prepared slurry can be cut to maintain the length and strength of the fiber. The slurry has better drainage.

 The high consistency refiner is suitable for processing thick-wall fiber slurries such as masson pine and larch, and beating the friction between short fibers such as grass fibers and hardwood pulp. This is the main difference between high concentration and low concentration.

In low-consistency beating, due to the large amount of water before the fiber, the distance between the fibers increases, and the water plays a role in changing the properties of the fiber. Therefore, low-consistency beating requires that the gap between the blades is small, even reaching the thickness of a single fiber, so that the fibers can be beaten. However, due to the processing and installation of the beating equipment, or uneven wear of the blades during use, the gap between the blades will be inconsistent. Where the gap is too small, the fiber will be strongly crushed and cut; where the gap is too large, the fiber cannot receive the necessary beating treatment. Therefore, the uniformity of the low concentration is poor, and the fibers are cut more frequently.

 Due to the high consistency of the slurry, the gap between the disc mills is large. The effect of beating is not to directly act on the fibers by the grinding discs, but to rely on the mutual friction, squeezing, and rubbing of the high-concentration pulp between the grinding discs. The fiber is beaten. Therefore, a large amount of frictional heat is generated at the same time to soften the fiber, which is beneficial to the separation of the slurry.

Therefore, compared with the low consistency refiner, the high consistency refiner has a larger average fiber length and reduced short fibers and fine fiber fragments. High consistency refiner, the beating degree rises slowly, and the slurry has good filtering performance.

There is also a significant difference in fiber morphology. The fiber of high consistency refiner has obvious brooming and longitudinal splitting. The fiber is soft and rich in swelling, and the fiber is mostly twisted. It has good shrinkage performance and can greatly Improving the toughness and bursting resistance of paper is of great significance for the production of paper types that require high toughness, such as cement bag paper, cigarette paper, and high-speed rotary printing paper.


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