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The characteristics and reasons of paper machine equipment downtime

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The failure of the paper machine mainly includes two aspects, one is the inherent failure of production. The shutdown is mainly carried out on the premise that the product quality is guaranteed and the production process requirements are met, especially the production of high-grade cultural paper. However, its processing is relatively simple; the other is equipment failure, which has certain particularity and complexity in the paper machine production process.

The characteristics of paper machine equipment downtime:

1) There are many equipment failure points, and there are often equipment failures and shutdowns.

2) Some parts have a short service life, and the frequency of replacement of spare parts is relatively high.

3) There is a large gap between the failure cycle and the maintenance time occupied, and the management is difficult.

The main reasons for the equipment failure of the paper machine:

1) Wear, which mainly includes parts and equipment that have been in contact with copper mesh, pulp, felt or forming paper for a long time, such as pulper, pulp pump, vacuum box panel, desander, calender roll, press roll, etc. Another reason is due to the frequent movement of parts between parts, such as the steam inlet head, vacuum couch roll, scraper, cylinder and vacuum pump.

2) Lubrication, the mechanical rotation is directly related to the bearing. For paper machines mainly rotating rolls, there are many types and quantities of rolls, and there are hundreds of bearings of various types. Therefore, lubrication management is extremely necessary. Especially under the influence of water, heavy load and high temperature, the lubricating oil is prone to evaporation, loss and aging, resulting in damage to the lubrication effect, resulting in bearing damage and shaft head wear. Therefore, the regular inspection of refueling is extremely necessary.

3) Fatigue, heavy load and continuous running machinery are prone to fatigue damage. On the paper machine, because some parts are restricted by the mechanical structure and operation principle, the parts cannot have too much design strength, so as to avoid damage, which can be solved by measures such as maintenance and technical transformation.

When using the paper machine in the future, we should pay attention to the characteristics and reasons of the equipment failure of the paper machine, so as to repair and maintain the paper machine.


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