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The configuration principle of the press section of the paper machine

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When designing a new paper machine or transforming an existing paper machine, you will encounter the problem of configuring the press section of the paper machine. The configuration of the press section is the design of the press section, which mainly selects the paper threading method, the number of press passes and the form of each press in the press section.

The configuration of the press section of a paper machine mainly depends on three factors: paper type and quality, pulp type and ratio, and vehicle speed. When considering the configuration of the press section, starting from its role and tasks, combined with general technical and economic requirements, it can be summarized into the following principles:

(1) Under the premise that the dehydration process meets the dehydration characteristics of the papermaking slurry, the maximum possible dehydration efficiency and dehydration amount should be achieved, and the highest possible paper web dryness should be achieved.

(2) Meet the requirements of various processing or treatment processes required for the characteristics of paper.

(3) The paper web transfer method and circuit meet the requirements of safe and convenient operation and no impact on the quality of the paper, and are suitable for the design speed range of the paper machine.

(4) The structure, quantity, and material of the blankets meet the requirements of dehydration or paper and can have a longer service life. The same structure and quantity of blankets have the same length to reduce the amount of precious materials in stock.

(5) The blanket accessories can efficiently keep the blanket clean and in a proper state, and the types of accessories should be as simple and unified as possible to reduce maintenance work.

(6) Convenient handling of damaged paper output, without the risk of damaged paper accumulating.

(7) The structure and layout of the frame are designed to facilitate the replacement of blankets, observation, inspection and maintenance.

(8) The operation and control system is simple and convenient, and it is possible to achieve centralized or all centralized operations as much as possible.

(9) Use standardized components as much as possible to increase the possibility of interchange and reduce the number of spare parts.

In addition, the mechanization and automation level of the paper machine should also consider the consistency with the forming section and the drying section.


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