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The development and evolution of the paper cutter

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The paper cutter is the standard supporting mechanical equipment of the printing factory, which is mainly used to deal with the paper cutting requirements in the pre-printing and post-printing stages. The paper cutter has developed from the original mechanical paper cutter to the tape control room paper cutter, and then to the microcomputer program control, color display, full image operation guidance visual processing and computer-aided cutting. External programming and editing of production data cutting The system makes the paper cutter shorter production preparation time, higher cutting accuracy, lower labor intensity, and better operational safety.

The current paper cutters are roughly divided into three categories, which are divided into manual paper cutters, electric paper cutters and hydraulic paper cutters; manual paper cutters are traditional paper cutters, also known as cutting knives. It is generally used for simple text cutting processing; and the electric paper cutter is controlled by a pure mechanical structure, which is convenient for paper cutting and suitable for batch processing documents; the hydraulic paper cutter contains hydraulic oil in its internal structure, and operates through hydraulic oil. , to control the operation of the cutter, because the electric paper cutter may not cut through some soft paper when cutting some soft paper, which is not suitable for some industries that need to process paper of various materials. The hydraulic paper cutter can cut the text of various materials such as rice paper, leather, paper, etc., and the processing speed is fast, so it is widely used in libraries, printing and publishing.


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