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The development status of the toilet paper machine in the market is relatively stable!

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Before the toilet paper machine malfunctions during production, its speed, sound, exhaust, water temperature, oil pressure and other aspects will show some abnormal signs, that is, the characteristics of failure precursors. Operators should quickly make correct judgments based on the characteristics of the signs and take decisive measures to avoid accidents.

1: "toilet paper machine flying bag" failure.

⑴ Omen characteristics: The rotational speed of the toilet paper production equipment suddenly rises, and it is getting faster and faster, and it is not controlled by the throttle, and the sound is abnormal and harsh. Treatment measures: mainly to achieve the purpose of flameout by cutting off the oil or gas. The emergency measures that can be taken are: first, turn off the gas to stop fuel supply, and step on the brakes of the toilet paper production equipment; second, block the air intake pipe to cut off air entry; third, quickly loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe to stop fuel supply; fourth, for vehicle use High-grade heavy load (brake) can be used when the diesel engine is running, so that the toilet paper machine stalls due to insufficient torque.

2: Failure of the toilet paper machine sticking cylinder

⑴ Omen characteristics: the toilet paper production equipment speed drops, the operation is weak, the sound is dull, the water temperature is super high, and the indication of the water temperature meter exceeds 100 ℃. At this time, sprinkle some water on the machine, it will quickly evaporate. The main reason is the serious lack of water in the toilet paper production equipment and the failure of the water cooling system. If the flame is turned off immediately, the cylinder may stick.

⑵ Treatment measures: Idling for a period of time or turning off the crankshaft to help cooling, reduce the water temperature to about 40 ℃, and then slowly add cooling water. Be careful not to add cooling water immediately, otherwise it will cause the parts of the toilet paper production equipment to deform or crack due to a sudden local temperature drop.


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