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The development trend of pulp equipment

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The main development direction of modern pulp equipment is continuity, large-scale, high concentration, multi-function, high efficiency and centralized automatic control.

1. The pulp equipment is developing in the direction of medium and high concentration. Although there are medium and high-consistency pulping equipment, the more common ones are still low-concentration pulp equipment. With the upstream process supporting of the beating process (such as the promotion of medium and high concentration bleaching technology) and the increase in the scale of enterprises, considering factors such as economy and quality, the use of medium and high concentration beating equipment is bound to further develop.

2. Diversified forms of pulp equipment. Now there are beating equipment for processing waste paper pulp that also has the function of impurity removal. With the needs of production and the research and development of equipment, different fiber types are dealt with. In terms of function, it will be specially designed with stronger dedicated performance.

3. Large-scale pulp equipment. Due to the rapid development of production scale, the production capacity of stand-alone equipment is bound to increase. Although it brings difficulties to design and manufacture and increases the power load of a single machine, it is beneficial to simplifying production management and improving economic benefits.

4. Further serialization and specialization of pulp equipment grinding tooth pattern. With the development of modern papermaking technology and the research on the microcosmic mechanism of beating will be further in-depth. For different raw materials, different varieties, and different requirements, special grinding discs will be specially matched to serialize and specialize the tooth pattern (teeth).


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