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The function and requirements of the pulping tank before the paper machine

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What is the function of the pulping tank before the paper machine?

Answer: The pulping pool in front of the paper machine is usually called the pulp storage pool. It is mainly used to mix the paper materials sent from the beating section evenly and with stable quality, so as to ensure continuous and stable supply of materials to the paper machine within a certain period of time to ensure paper machine continuous production.

What are the requirements for the pulp storage tank?

Answer: 1. There are two types of pulp storage tanks: vertical and horizontal. At present, horizontal pulp storage tanks are mostly used.

2. The pulp storage tank is made of reinforced concrete and is equipped with a screw propeller to circulate the paper material.

3. The slurry storage tank generally requires a certain volume. Generally, it should be determined according to the production capacity of the paper machine. At present, the volume often used is 35-100m3 or more. One paper machine can also be equipped with 2 pulp storage tanks to supply pulp in turn, and the pulp storage capacity of the pulp storage tank should generally be able to meet the continuous production of the paper machine for more than 2 hours.


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