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The main components of dryer cylinder

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Dryer cylinder

The main components of the dryer cylinder are steam joints and spoilers.

Steam connector:

Steam needs to be passed through the dryer cylinder, and the condensed water inside needs to be drained. But the drying cylinder is a rotating cylinder, so a special joint is needed to complete this task, that is, the steam joint.

The introduction of steam and the discharge of condensed water are generally completed by a rotary joint at one end of the dryer. Steam can also be introduced at one end and condensed water discharged at the other end.

Steam and condensed water are introduced and discharged at the same end. The journal at this end of the drying cylinder is hollow to provide a passage for steam and condensate. After the steam enters the input end, it enters the drying cylinder through the opening of the conveying pipe, and the condensed water is sucked up by the siphon pipe and discharged along the pipe. This pipe is inside the conveying pipe. Bearings and other components need to be installed on the journal, so the temperature rise caused by the introduction of steam will have an adverse effect on the journal. Therefore, the heat of the steam in the conveying pipe is separated from the journal as much as possible with a heat-insulating sleeve. The heat-insulating sleeve is fixed on the hollow shaft journal and rotates with the dryer, while the fixed bracket and conveying pipe are stationary. The end of the thermal insulation sleeve should be sealed with a carbon ring to prevent internal steam leakage.


The purpose of the spoiler is to destroy the condensate water ring formed in the dryer cylinder rotating at high speed and generate more turbulence. The spoiler rod is installed in the horizontal direction of the inner surface of the dryer. It rotates at the same speed with the dryer, so it will move the water ring to generate turbulence and facilitate heat transfer. The position of the spoiler is shown in the structure diagram of the dryer cylinder.


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