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The operation process of the calender

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The calender is mainly composed of printed matter conveying mechanism, mechanical transmission, electrical control system and other parts, including printed matter conveying table, manual high pressure oil pump, hot pressing roller, pressure roller, speed regulating drive motor, calendering steel belt, cooling box, Observation door, cooling water tank, ventilation circulation system, transfer roller, print collection table.

The working method of the calender is usually continuous rolling. The printed matter is transported from the paper feeding table to the calendering belt between the hot pressing roller and the pressing roller. Under the action of temperature and pressure, the coating is attached to the surface of the calendering belt and is calendered. The calendered glazing layer is gradually cooled to form a bright surface layer. The calendered belt is a specially treated stainless steel endless belt. There are multiple groups of far-infrared heating sources inside the heat-pressing roller to provide the heat required for calendering. The pressure of the pressure roller mostly adopts an electro-hydraulic pressure regulating system, which can accurately meet the pressure requirements in calendering. The calendering speed can be controlled by a speed-regulated drive motor or a slip motor.


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