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The paper machine needs pulp bleaching in the production process

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The papermaking machine needs to carry out pulp bleaching in the production process. The pulp bleaching process is available in the papermaking machine production line and is also indispensable.

The purpose of pulp bleaching in the paper machine is to remove the lignin and pigment remaining in the pulp after cooking, to improve the whiteness of the pulp, and then to achieve the role of pulp bleaching, so that the pulp has a white color. Pulp bleaching of the paper machine requires a bleaching machine. The bleaching machine is a commonly used bleaching equipment. It consists of a bleaching tank screw propeller, drum washing and other components.

In the production process of the paper machine, the pulp and bleach need to be placed in the tank, and the washing water is continuously added, and the continuous circulation flow in the tank is formed in the production line by the action of the screw propeller, and then all the mixing and chemical reaction are completed After the chemical process is completed, the water and bleaching products with residual bleach are discharged through the inner cavity of the washing drum to obtain white pulp. This is the pulp bleaching process and bleaching purpose of the paper machine.


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