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The papermaking machinery industry is full of wolf smoke and the pattern is cruel

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China's huge market potential has attracted various leaders in the equipment manufacturing industry. While promoting the development of the industry, it also poses new challenges to the Chinese market: no matter from the perspective of market share or supply level, China's paper machinery industry has at a considerable disadvantage.

Modern papermaking equipment is a large-scale mechatronics complete set of single-piece and small-batch production. Not only the manufacturing cost is high, but also the research and development cost is higher. Except for a few giant multinational paper-making machinery manufacturing groups in the world that have corresponding experimental research and whole-process development capabilities, there is currently no domestic paper-making machinery enterprise that has such conditions and strengths. Under the current global market structure, foreign leading peers, according to their globalization strategy, regard the Chinese paper market as a key market, not only to maintain their monopoly in large, high-speed, automated pulp and paper production lines , also gave full play to its capital and technological advantages, successively established joint ventures and technology centers in China, sought manufacturing partners, and adjusted price policies by taking advantage of domestic talent and cost advantages to compete for the market of medium-sized enterprises with a large domestic equipment market share. . Key equipment components that are vacant in the domestic market are sold at high prices, and key components and general-purpose components that can be replaced by domestic equipment are sold at close prices.

What the industry should face up to is that, with the intensification of market competition, the services provided by paper machinery enterprises to the market are not limited to the machines and accessories produced by themselves, but also provide maintenance for the products of other suppliers - when foreign counterparts have begun to adjust Strategic direction, when grabbing new markets, Chinese papermaking equipment companies are still at the low end of the market.


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