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The performance and characteristics of the pulp press

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The performance and characteristics of the pulp press

Gravity double-wire press is pulping equipment and belongs to the category of equipment accessories. So, what is its performance and characteristics? Let me introduce it to you below.

Usually, scientific design and reasonable layout ensure that the gravity double-wire press has high-efficiency dewatering performance. The main dewatering press roller adopts strip design, which not only increases the processing capacity, but also enables the slurry to be dewatered quickly on both sides of the filter belt, shortening the dewatering time. The arrangement of the smaller pressure rollers at the back and the change of the contact angle of the filter belt ensure the best combination of pressure and shear force, thereby greatly improving the slurry concentration and dewatering efficiency.

The tension of the filter belt is achieved by an inflated air cylinder, so that the entire filter belt maintains a constant tension. At the same time, the change of tension will not be caused by the change of feed amount, which is convenient for operation and management. The machine has an air pressure control system that automatically detects the position of the filter belt on the pressure roller and automatically corrects the deviation.

The above is the introduction of the performance and characteristics of the gravity double-wire press.


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