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The performance and design principle of kraft paper machine

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kraft paper machine

Kraft paper machine equipment production line, as the name suggests, is a paper machine equipment production line specializing in the production of kraft paper, and it is one of the most common paper machines. The kraft paper machine can batch kraft paper and so on. Because kraft paper has many advantages over other paper types, it is very popular among consumers.

The new technology and equipment for pulping and papermaking of kraft paper machine eliminate pollution sources from the source, control the generation of pollution, do not use polluting auxiliaries and raw materials as much as possible, eradicate equipment with pollution sources, ensure clean production, and use 100% waste paper for production. Using the scraps of printing plants, waste books, newspapers, waste paper boxes and wheat straw, straw, bamboo pulp, reeds, etc. as raw materials, it can produce high, medium and low-grade toilet paper, napkins, burnt paper, glossy paper, writing paper, newsprint, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, box board and other products.

During the production process of the whole set of kraft paper machine equipment, the water is recycled without producing waste water, and the discharged chemical water can be reused without external discharge. There is no need to change the kraft paper machine equipment, and various paper products required by the market can be produced at any time. The kraft paper machine is multi-purpose, the process design is reasonable and practical, the layout design is compact, the one-stop production line is convenient for production operation and management, the mechanical performance is stable, the safety factor is high, the equipment is localized, high-speed, and the maintenance cost is low, suitable for large, medium and small Production of paper companies.

The kraft paper machine is mainly designed according to the following principles:

(1) It can ensure that the temperature of each part can be adjusted flexibly so as to obtain an appropriate drying temperature curve;

(2) Effective use of steam to save energy;

(3) It is convenient to discharge the non-condensable gas in the system in order to improve the heat transfer efficiency.


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