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The replacement of paper cutter blade of toilet paper machine

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When the cutting resistance of the tissue paper cutter increases and the cutting sound changes obviously, it means that the blade has been blunt, and the blade grinding should be replaced in time.

Replacement procedure:

1. When the toilet paper cutter blade is at the top position, turn off the power switch, stop the machine movement, make the machine in the shutdown state, put the machine in the turning state, and the turning will stop the cutter bed in the middle position. When replacing the blade, loosen all the screws fastening the blade on the tool bed, insert the tool mounting wrench into the hexagon hole on the tool bed, rotate it anticlockwise, the blade will automatically fall, install the screw with the tool mounting handle into the screw hole of the blade, take the tool handle, take the blade off the hook, place it on the tool holder, and put it into the box for grinding.

2. Fixing the blade of tissue paper cutter: first, check the newly obtained blade, check the angle and width of blade grinding, and clean the blade with soft cloth (the blade shall be wiped from the back to the blade, not against the blade or along the blade). Then screw the tool mounting wrench of the accessory into the screw hole of the blade which has been grinded or replaced, put it on the accessory, push it to the vicinity of the cutter bed, lift the blade so that the two holes of the middle groove of the blade hang on the hook which extends out of the cutter bed, take off the tool mounting handle, insert the tool mounting wrench into the hexagon hole of the cutter bed, turn it clockwise, and the blade automatically rises to the fixed position. Tighten all the bolts that hold the blade on the table. Pay attention to the whole process. Do not let the blade touch anything hard. Finally, all kinds of tools are put away, i.e. the blade is fixed.


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