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The role of paper machine's pulping equipment

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The paper machine production line is composed of many supporting equipments, and these supporting equipments are composed of many supporting equipments. The pulping equipment is one of the important supporting equipments and occupies an important position in the paper machine production line. On the production line, if there is no pulping equipment, then the pulping raw materials cannot complete the pulping production operation, and the rest of the papermaking production process cannot operate normally.

In the paper machine production line pulping equipment, the main function is very important. It is to crush the raw materials of the paper machine production line and break the mixed fibers. After the fracture, after the fiber absorbs water after the collision, the damage process of the fiber material after the collision can be very good. Thin fibers can be put into the next stage of production on the paper machine production line.

At the same time, the paper machine's pulping equipment can also mix all the raw materials and additives, which can make all the parts of the paper machine uniform, and can also make the paper produce better quality, which plays a certain auxiliary role.


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