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The role of the pulping equipment of the paper machine

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    Pulp equipment

         No matter what you do, if you know what to do before doing something, you will naturally get twice the result with half the effort. Because you know enough, you can easily solve all kinds of problems when you encounter them. The same is true for the use of paper machines. After the paper machine is sufficiently understood, it can easily cope with the problems that may be encountered when using it. Today, Shandong Easttai Paper Machine Equipment Factory will explain the role of the paper machine's pulping equipment.

         The paper machine production line is composed of many ancillary equipment, and there are many ancillary equipment in it. Among them, the pulping equipment is one of the important supporting equipment, and it occupies an important place in the paper machine production line. In the production line, if there is no pulping equipment, the pulp raw material cannot complete the pulp production operation, and the remaining papermaking production process cannot operate normally.

        The main role of pulping equipment in the paper machine production line is very important. It is to break the fibers after the raw materials are crushed, stirred and collided in the paper machine production line. After the broken fibers are subjected to water absorption and collision, the fibrous materials can be well beaten. The shredding treatment and the continuously thinning fiber can well allow the paper machine production line to proceed to the next step of production. At the same time, the pulping equipment can also mix all raw materials and additives, make all parts of the paper machine uniform, and can also make the quality of the paper produced better, playing a certain auxiliary role.


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