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The safe operation points of simplex sheet cutter

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Today, Shandong easttai editor takes everyone to understand the key points of the safe operation of simplex sheet cutter:

Simplex Sheet Cutter

When the sheet cutter performs cutting processing and other operations, it must be prerequisite to ensure the safety of the person and the machine. The safe operation of sheet cutter mainly has the following points:

1. Before operating the sheet cutter, apply lubricating oil first, check for machine failure, loose screws, regular movement, etc., and wipe off the dirt on the cutter head.

2. A signal must be sent when the machine is turned on. After a few cuts are correct, try cutting a stack. After checking the size is correct, it can be cut normally.

3. During the normal operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden for two persons to operate the hand brake or foot brake at the same time. When the paper stack is found to be irregular or the cutting size is wrong, stop the machine in time for processing, and do not put your hand into the cutter head to swipe the knife (that is, the handling action of rapidly touching the paper stack during operation), which may cause personal failure.

4. Clean up the work site after get off work to maintain civilized production; complete shift procedures to ensure the smooth production of the next shift.

5. In the normal operation of the sheet cutter, check once every two weeks.


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