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The surface quality of the paper machine and the work flow of the papermaking and pulping equipment

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The quality of the paper machine, the paper machine is the general name of the complete set of equipment that makes the pulp into the paper web segment linkage, including the head box, wire section, press section, drying section, calendering machine

Multi-process treatment to obtain good surface quality. Most papers are calendered by a mechanical calender behind the paper machine to make the paper flat and consistent. The mechanical calender is made of several cold cast iron rollers, and the paper surface is flattened by the weight of each roller or another pressure. If higher surface smoothness is required, a calender is used.

Is generally composed of pulp rolls and chilled cast iron rolls arranged alternately. According to different usage requirements, some varieties need surface sizing to improve surface quality; some have to be surface coated to improve appearance quality or printing quality. Surface sizing and coating can be processed by paper forming outside the paper machine through the sizing machine and coating machine, or the sizing machine and coating equipment can be combined in the paper machine for in-machine processing.

Paper machine workflow

Working process of papermaking and pulping equipment is the equipment used in the process of separating plant raw materials into fibers. The pulping method can be divided into chemical method, mechanical method and chemical mechanical method. The corresponding pulping equipment includes digester, wood mill, heat mill, pulp washer, bleaching machine, beater and waste liquid recovery equipment.

After the wood chips are preheated by steam, the slurry that is grinded under high pressure is called hot wood chip grinding wood pulp. The machine for making hot wood chip grinding wood pulp is a hot mill. The heat mill consumes a lot of power, so it is sufficient. The use of heat energy in the refining process is the key issue of the thermal grinder; the pulp washer is a mechanical device that separates the cooked pulp and black liquor. According to the black liquor extraction rate, there are two types of high concentration and low concentration extraction.

What is the paper machine equipment? The paper machine is a mechanical equipment that is prepared and pulped into paper for the requirements of papermaking. It is indispensable and indispensable in our daily life and work.

In the traditional wet papermaking technology of paper machine, the paper machine contains pulp containing fibers and necessary additives and auxiliary materials that meet specific process conditions in terms of fiber morphology, concentration, uniformity, temperature and other indicators. The materials commonly used in paper processing include wood, reeds, straw, straw, and other plant fibers. Of course, other materials are also possible, which we will not list.

With the increasing amount of paper used today, the amount of paper products is increasing, so how Paper machine production Pollution and The harm to the environment is particularly important. Recycling of paper products is one of the ways to reduce pollution, it is also a feasible method to reduce the consumption of primary resources, and it is also a measure that must be taken.

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