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The working principle and transmission connection of vacuum couch roll and vacuum suction roll in paper machine

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The working principle of the vacuum couch roll and vacuum suction roll in the paper machine is that after the original pulp comes out of the headbox, it is evenly spread on the mesh cloth, and the mesh cloth is supported by the breast roll and the couch roll. The wiper (before the waterline) and the vacuum suction box (after the waterline), this part is collectively called the net part.

After that, there is the pressing section, including the pressing and dehydration of the pressing roll up and down; after pressing, the drying section is composed of dozens of drying cylinders. The sizing roller is usually a pair, and several pairs of drying cylinders are usually installed later for drying and dehydration; the calendering roller is the last procedure. After the upper and lower surfaces are calendered, the paper can be rolled into the desired finished paper.

The vacuum couch roll of paper machine is mainly used in fourdrinier wire, short long wire and stacked wire paper machine. Compared with the tin bronze roller body, the stainless steel roller body has the following advantages:

1. Has high stiffness and mechanical strength. Its tensile yield strength and impact toughness are more than twice that of copper, which is beneficial to improve the dehydration rate.

2. Has high hardness and anti-wear performance, good impact toughness. It does not deform during long-term high alternating load operation, which is incomparable with copper structures.

3. It has high hardness and wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is 2-3 times that of copper alloys, and its service life is also increased by 2-3. times more.

The above introduces some small knowledge about paper machine, I hope you can learn more about it.


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