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There is a new way to repair the Dryer cylinder.

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Dryer cylinder

Dryer cylinder is a relatively important equipment in the paper industry. The newly produced paper needs to be dried and flattened before it can be shaped. This step plays a vital role in the quality of the finished product. The working environment of the Dryer cylinder is also relatively harsh. It is heated by steam and has always maintained a very high temperature, and it needs to play its role in continuous rotation. Damage to any equipment is unavoidable, and so is the Dryer cylinder. The new repair method is now faster and more effective than in the past.

For a big steel guy like the Dryer cylinder, the usual repair method is to remove the damaged parts and replace them, or return to the factory for repair. However, the newly emerging and successfully used composite repair methods do not need to be disassembled, but can be done on site. It takes a short time to directly repair the worn parts, and it can be put into use again soon, which can reduce a lot of time costs, and the production rhythm can not be interrupted, and production can continue after simple repairs.


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