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There is no off-season in the paper industry

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My country is a country with a large population, which makes the demand of various industries in our country very large. As far as the paper industry is concerned, in recent years, the price of paper has shown an upward trend despite the ups and downs. Coupled with the improvement of my country's papermaking technology, its international status is becoming more and more important, and its foreign sales performance is also fruitful.

With the macroeconomic regulation, my country's paper industry has also been further warmed up, and the benefits of the paper industry will be further improved. The paper industry is one of the key polluting industries. Under the influence of the low-carbon storm, the state may further increase its efforts to eliminate outdated production capacity, thereby triggering a new round of industry consolidation, rationally adjusting the structure of enterprises, and improving the oversupply of the paper industry. status. Coupled with the year-by-year increase in exports, it is expected that in 2010, the relationship between supply and demand in the industry will be further improved, the pressure of competition will be eased, the bargaining power of products will increase, and the prices of various paper types will generally increase. Judging from the situation of the paper industry, the entire industry has completely gotten rid of the negative impact of the economic crisis, and the industry's profitability has improved significantly. Judging from various profitability indicators, industry profitability has recovered or exceeded pre-crisis levels. Production and sales have also hit record highs, and the industry has shifted from recovery to growth.

It is worth mentioning that, in terms of newsprint, the relocation of Guangzhou Paper has reduced domestic production capacity by 320,000 tons before May 2011, and the operating rate this year has risen to 98%. The Guangzhou municipal government asked Guangzhou Paper to suspend production during the Asian Games at the end of this year to improve the environment. The total production capacity of the old factory is 420,000 tons, of which the old equipment (No. 5, 6, and 7 machines) has been converted into double-adhesive paper in October 2008, and the two newer equipment of 160,000 tons each still produces newsprint. The relocation will reduce the production capacity by 320,000 tons, reducing the total effective production capacity of the industry by 180,000 tons during the year, and the supply-demand relationship has reached the best level since 2004. After the relocation, the production capacity of Guangzhi newsprint will be reduced by another 200,000 tons. Guangzhou Paper plans to have a production capacity of 600,000 tons after the relocation (400,000 tons for the new plant, and the 320,000 tons for this relocation will be reduced to 200,000 tons due to losses), of which 200,000 tons are for newsprint and 400,000 tons for cultural paper. Annual supply reduction factor.

Therefore, investors in the papermaking industry need not worry about whether the papermaking sector will turn yellow, but should step up the investment in research and development of papermaking machinery technology, so that the quality of the paper products produced can be improved during development.


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