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Treatment and recycling of white water in papermaking machinery

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filter application

Multi-disc filter application:

The multi-disc filter is mainly used for white water recovery. It can not only recover fibers from white water, but also make the water used in a closed cycle, thereby reducing the water consumption of papermaking, eliminating the pollution of white water discharge and saving water resources.

Compact structure, small footprint and large production capacity.

The corrugated fan-shaped plate is adopted, which greatly improves the effective filtering area.

High degree of automation, simple and reliable operation.

The filtrate has high clarity and can be recycled to save water resources.

Low energy consumption and high fiber recovery.

Filter application Structural principle:

The disc shaft installed on the tank body is composed of a hollow shaft and several discs fixed on the hollow shaft. Each disc is composed of several fan-shaped plates, and each fan-shaped plate is connected to the hollow shaft by bolts. The partition of the valve Corresponding to the cavities of the main shaft, a filtrate passage is formed.


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