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Use and maintenance of air tires

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Today, the editor of Shandong easttai will explain to you the use and maintenance of air tires:

Air Tire

1. Strict inflation standards. Inflation strictly according to the standard is the key to prolong its service life. If the tire pressure is higher than the standard, the softness of the tire will be lost, the cushioning performance will be damaged, the jitter of the vehicle will increase, and the braking performance will be worse. The main cause of early damage), in severe cases, the tire will be quickly scrapped.

2. Check the qi in time. After the tire is inflated, it is not absolutely sealed. Even when the tire and valve core are intact, it will leak on its own. Therefore, frequent inspections must be done to make up. Check the air pressure of common vehicles before leaving the vehicle, when parking and after receiving the vehicle. Before leaving the car and when parking, you can use the sensory inspection, and the inspection after the car should be measured with a barometer after the tires have dropped to room temperature. The tire pressure gauge should be checked and corrected regularly to avoid excessive errors. In order to reduce self-leakage, a valve cap must be equipped to protect the valve.

3. Driving correctly. riving has a decisive influence on the life of air tires. Sharp turns, high speed when turning, frequent emergency braking, poor road selection, and hitting road users are all factors that constitute tire damage and cannot be ignored. Keeping the vehicle running at a medium speed can lower the temperature of the tires and extend the service life.

4. Use special tools to disassemble and install tires. When the tire needs to be repaired, it is best to go to a manufacturer with special tools to repair it. At the same time, please note that you should make a mark before removing the tire so that the original rolling direction and level of movement can be maintained during assembly.

5. Correctly select and install. Use tires of the same type, pattern, and new and old levels on the same car, so that they can reasonably bear negative tolerances and achieve uniform wear. Arbitrary mixing will not only accelerate tire damage during use, but also increase the wear and fuel consumption of transmission parts.

6. Regular tire rotation. After a certain mileage of the car, there will be differences in the degree of fatigue and wear of the tires in different parts. Therefore, tire rotation must be performed. It is generally carried out once for 2 to 30,000 kilometers. For vehicles that often drive on large arched roads, it is recommended to use the cross-shift method; for vehicles that often drive on relatively flat roads, it is recommended to use the cycle-shift method.


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