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Vibrating screen noise pollution is too serious

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vibration screen

Domestic requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, and noise pollution is also a very important aspect. The vibrating screen is a vibrating equipment that relies on the vibration of the equipment screen box to drive the material through the screen for screening operations, and noise is unavoidable. So, how can we reduce noise as much as possible and effectively improve the noise at the work site? On this issue, our Shandong Easttai has summarized the following experiences for the reference of all users.

1. Fasten all parts on the vibrating screen, especially the screen plate that needs to be replaced frequently, to avoid extra vibration due to the loosening of individual parts;

2. Replace the perforated steel sieve with a polyurethane sieve or rubber sieve with small elastic modulus and low noise;

3. Rubber plates are added to the side panels, feed openings, discharge openings and receiving chassis of the screen box, which can effectively suppress the high frequency vibration of the side panels and reduce radiation noise;

4. Use flexible spoke gears to replace steel gears, that is, use rubber elastic bodies on the gear spokes to transmit torque to absorb the vibration caused by gear meshing and meshing;

5. Replace steel springs with rubber springs to reduce impact;

6. Install a soft sound insulation cover outside of the exciter;

7. Damping is applied between the inner and outer shells of the bearing. The rolling elements of the bearing can be made into hollow rolling elements or damping materials are added to the hollow rolling elements, which can reduce the vibration of the bearing and reduce the noise of the bearing.

      Reasonable use of these noise-removing measures can effectively reduce the noise pollution of the vibrating screen and play a certain protective effect on the health of the on-site operators.


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