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What accidents can be caused by improper operation of paper mill machinery equipment?

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What accidents are easily caused by improper use of paper mill machinery equipment in daily operation? Zhucheng Tiangong Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. will share with you.

1. The damage caused by the rotating movement of the parts of the equipment, such as pulp and paper machinery, the calender, rewinder, dryer, gears, pulleys, and transmission shafts in the equipment all move in rotation. The main forms of personal injury caused by rotating motion are involvement, strangulation, crushing, cutting, and object hitting.

2. The damage caused by the electrical system, the equipment we use in the factory, its power is basically electric energy, so each mechanical equipment has its own electrical system, mainly including the electric motor distribution box, etc. The electrical system is prone to accidents. Focus on clicks.

3. In addition to the above-mentioned damages, there may also be other damages. For example, the use of paper mill machinery will be accompanied by dust and harmful substances, which will be inhaled by the human body or pollute the environment, and It is possible that the lubricating oil will not be in place and sparks will be generated by friction, so that it is likely to cause personal injury or property damage.

In daily use, we should also improve the safety awareness and use standardization of operators. Equipment operators must undergo technical training, be proficient in equipment performance and operating procedures, and then go to work after training to avoid manual operation errors. Harm, reduce the hazard. For the equipment to be inspected and maintained regularly, the maintenance also needs to arrange professional personnel to operate, record the data, establish a management system, and unsafe hidden dangers need to be eliminated in time.


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