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What are the advantages of Drum pulper for recycled waste paper fiber

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Drum pulper for recycled waste paper fiber

Drum pulper for recycled waste paper fiber

1. Perfect fiber relieving. Under high-concentration conditions, waste paper produces gentle rubbing and friction movements. The fibers are fully swelled and separated, and the strength and length of the waste paper fibers are fully retained, so that the pulp yield is greatly improved.

2. Excellent slurry quality. It can remove light and heavy impurities such as plastics, foils and hot melt adhesives in the pulp, so that these impurities can be completely removed without being cut and broken. At the same time, it can be classified and recycled to reduce environmental protection pressure .

3. Significant energy saving effect. The rotor structure without strong movement does not need to consume energy for unnecessary stirring and shearing movement. The energy is only consumed on the rotation of the drum, which saves about 50%.

4. Good deinking mechanism. Due to the operation under high concentration conditions, the role of chemicals is relatively strong, and the steam utilization is relatively sufficient, so that the ink particles are effectively separated from the fiber surface, thereby achieving effective deinking.

5. Reliable continuous slag discharge system. The machine is easy to repair and maintain, the screen holes are not easy to be blocked, and it can run continuously for a long time. Due to the high slag discharge efficiency, the burden of subsequent purification can be reduced.

6. Reduce equipment costs. This machine concentrates the pulping and screening functions of pulping, roughing and other equipment in one set of equipment, which reduces the burden of subsequent procedures, thereby reducing the cost of the entire equipment.

7. Save labor. Because the waste paper is processed under high-concentration conditions, this machine is suitable for processing unselected various grades of waste paper, which can save a waste paper selection process.

8. The lowest maintenance cost. The machine has a simple and stable structure, with only a small amount of wearing parts, which guarantees the least demand for spare parts and low maintenance costs.


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