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What are the common faults and the role of equipment in paper machinery

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The complete set of equipment for interlocking pulp-shaped divisions is collectively referred to as .Paper machine which includes mainframes such as stream packing, wire section, press section, Qi dryer section, calender, paper reel and transmission section as well as steam, water, vacuum , Lubrication, heat recovery and other auxiliary systems.

1. Abrasion: reason one, the parts and equipment that are damaged due to contact with the copper mesh and felt forming paper, such as springs, vegetable shredders, sand removers, vacuum box wrenches, pressure rods, and calendering reasons two , Relatively frequent movement between parts such as scraper, steam inlet head, gas siphon, vacuum roll, vacuum recording, etc.

2. Lubrication: The machine cannot move without the bearings. The paper machine mainly turned into Kunming. There are many types and quantities of rollers. There are hundreds of bearings of various types. Therefore, the lubrication management work is very important, especially water, Due to the influence of high temperature and heavy load, lubricating oil (fat) is easy to be lost, evaporated, and aging, which will damage the lubricating effect, cause damage to the bearing and damage to the shaft head. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel the check sound.

3. Fatigue: Machines with heavy load and continuous operation are prone to damage. On paper machines, due to the constraints of certain parts and mechanisms and operating principles, parts (such as the yellow plate of the net case, the electromagnetic clutch suction cup, Coupling anti-overload pins, etc.) The design strength should not be too large, so as to avoid damage and other solutions, maintenance and technical reform measures can be taken.

 No matter what you do, if you know what you are doing before you do it, the result will naturally be twice the result with half the effort. Because you understand enough, you can easily solve it when you encounter various problems. The use of paper machines is also the same as long as you are After the paper machine has enough knowledge, it can easily deal with the problems that may be encountered when using it. Today Paper Machine Equipment Factory . What I want to explain is the role of the pulping equipment of the paper machine.

The paper machine production line is composed of many supporting equipments, and there are many supporting equipments in it. Among them, the pulping equipment is one of the most important supporting equipments, which occupies an important place in the paper machine production line. In the production line, if there is no pulping equipment, the pulp raw materials cannot complete the pulp production operation, and the remaining paper production process cannot be operated normally.

The main role of the pulping equipment in the paper machine production line is very important. It is to crush the raw materials in the paper machine production line after crushing, stirring and collapsing the fiber. After the broken fiber passes through the water absorption collision, the fiber material in it can be well beaten. Crushing treatment, the continuously thinning fiber, can be very good Paper machine production line for the next production step. At the same time, the pulping equipment can also allow the mixing of all raw materials and additives, can make all parts of the paper machine uniform, and can also make the quality of the paper produced better, playing a certain auxiliary role.

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