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What are the countermeasures to promote the development of my country's paper machinery industry

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In view of the current development of the papermaking machinery industry, if you want to truly improve the development prospects of my country's papermaking equipment industry, Tianyang Paper Machine editor thinks that it can be done from the following aspects.

1. Improve technical personnel.

Talent and technology can be a catalyst for growth no matter what industry you are in, and the paper industry is no exception. The advancement of technology and excellent people play a great role in the development of this industry. When the scale of enterprises and product grades rise, the requirements for technology and talents are higher. Mechanical technology in the papermaking equipment industry must have theoretical knowledge and skills related to papermaking behind it, which is highly specialized for other industries. This shows that if you want to become an excellent talent in the papermaking equipment industry, you must have professional knowledge and rich experience.

Second, make improvements in institutional funds.

The biggest problem facing the development of my country's paper machinery industry at present is the shortage of funds. The adequacy of funds is directly related to the operating system of the enterprise. As far as my country's papermaking equipment industry is concerned, private enterprises and joint-stock enterprises are developing the fastest and most active, which shows that state-owned or collective enterprises should speed up the transformation of the joint-stock system to promote enterprise development. If you want to stand out among the papermaking equipment manufacturers, you must excel in management, technology and marketing services, which requires a lot of capital investment. The source of healing funds can increase investment through its own strength, or attract private funds or foreign capital from market prospects and standardization, and the latter develops faster.

3. Expand the international market.

Expand the international market: 1. Cooperate with large international companies to provide accessories training services. 2. Exploring the paper machinery industry market in developing countries.

Fourth, it is necessary to find a good market positioning and to strengthen the division of labor and cooperation.

The biggest drawbacks of my country's papermaking equipment are the same products, constant price wars, and unstable quality. Therefore, we are currently in a development period, and we need to seize opportunities and seize opportunities, which can help us find market positioning. Enterprises actively seek cooperation with enterprises with good technology and strong management capabilities in the market, which can not only meet the current requirements for technology, quality and processing cycle, but also allow large enterprises to better develop markets and technologies.


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