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What are the lubrication characteristics of paper machine?

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The working environment of  paper machine machinery is humid and high-temperature, and some equipment is also accompanied with impact load, so the selection of lubricants mainly considers its anti emulsification, water resistance, heat resistance, oxidation stability and load resistance. In principle, the lubrication points on paper machines are closed. From the wet section of paper-making machinery, that is, from the pulp tank to the bearing of the press, the bearing cover is sealed to prevent water immersion and grease overflow, resulting in cross contamination. Due to the high operating temperature of the drying section of the paper machine, the central lubrication station is used to deliver lubricating oil to various bearings for lubrication and heat dissipation. Wet end grease lubrication points are often used for manual periodic inspection of filling and grease change, so the lubrication system often refers to the central lubrication station in the dry section and all transportation, oil supply pipelines and oil filling devices.

The paper machine drying section of each sealed bearing shell oil supply device is mostly adjustable oiler, also known as drip valve, it makes the right amount of oil into the bearing and continue to work. This manual and oiling system is very suitable.

The lubrication station in the drying section of paper machine is usually of standard general type, and the better the oil filtering capacity and oil temperature control ability are, such as magnetic filter and constant temperature control. According to the heat dissipation requirements of each lubrication point, the oil quantity of lubrication station is calculated.

In the new high-speed wide width paper machine, the main bearing in wet section is also centrally and automatically lubricated by the central lubrication station. In this system, there is a central lubrication station for the wet end and the cadre of the paper machine, but it is managed and operated by the automatic control system. The quantity of oil is controlled at each lubricating point. The micro metering pump is driven by a micro motor. The automatic control system monitors the flowmeter and pressure gauge in the oil pipe line and is controlled by computer or other software, and realizes the control of metering and the motor of jet pump.


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