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What are the main components of the paper machine and what are their functions?

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paper machine

The paper machine is a kind of machine composed of a variety of equipment. Its work content ranges from raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking to the final roll or flat product, and can also process paper and cardboard. So what are the main components of the paper machine and what are their functions? Here's a detailed introduction to you:


Before cooking or refining, the raw materials for papermaking will be pretreated and processed according to the cooking or refining process, which is divided into non-wood fiber preparation equipment and wood fiber preparation equipment. The former includes grass cutters, reed cutters, and sugarcane depidders, while the latter includes peelers and chippers.

The chipper in the paper machine is a machine that cuts the logs required for the production of wood pulp into wood chips of a certain size. It is divided into two types: disc type and drum type. The equipment for fiber is divided into two types: intermittent type and continuous type; wood grinder is the equipment for producing ground wood pulp, which can be divided into intermittent type and continuous type according to the production method, and can be divided into two types according to the pressurization method of the log. There are two types of hydraulic pressurization and mechanical pressurization;

Pulping equipment is the equipment used in the process of separating plant material into fibers. Pulping methods can be divided into chemical methods, mechanical methods and chemical mechanical methods. The corresponding pulping equipment includes digesters, wood grinders, thermal mills, pulp washers, pulp bleaching machines, pulping machines and waste liquid recovery equipment. After the wood chips are preheated by steam, the pulp that is ground in a high pressure state is called hot wood chip ground wood pulp. The machine for making hot wood chip ground wood pulp is a thermal mill; The mechanical equipment for liquid separation, according to the extraction rate of black liquor, can be divided into two categories: high-concentration and low-concentration extraction.

The purpose of pulp bleaching is to remove the residual lignin and pigment in the pulp after cooking, improve the whiteness of the pulp, and make the pulp have a white color. The pulp bleaching machine is a commonly used bleaching equipment, which is composed of the screw propeller of the pulp bleaching tank, the washing drum and other components. The pulp and bleach are placed in the tank and continuously added to the washing water, and circulated in the tank with the help of the screw propeller to complete the process of mixing and chemical reaction. The water with bleaching products and residual bleach is discharged through the inner cavity of the drum, resulting in a white pulp.

The above is the main content introduced to you. Each part of the paper machine has its own unique function. The combination of these functions is a complete paper machine. We usually need to do a good job in the maintenance of each part, so as to improve the performance of the paper machine. The service life of the paper machine.


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