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What are the main operating steps in the working process of Coating Machine?

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The coating machine is mainly used for the surface coating process of liner paper, brown paper, grey paper etc. It coats the paper with a special function of starch for better printing effect.

coating machine

In the course of the job, the Coating Machine will first follow two job processes.


First: the thickness setting process of the forward roller

Forward roller coating and its coating window: First introduce the terminology in coating skills-coating window. Any coating method (method) has an applicable plan, which can be harmless within certain operating conditions (plan) Coating, that is, evenly coating a thin layer of fluid on the support, the plan of this coating operation is called the coating window in coating technology. In the Coating Machine, it is controlled by scheduling the metering gap between the two coating rollers and the metering roller with the same change direction in the forward roller coating, and the coating of the required thickness is formed on the coating roller. The coating method is the special method of the forward roller, that is, one metering roller does not change during the period, that is, the speed is zero, and the cross-section of the metering roller is made into a comma shape, also called a comma scraper. The coating thickness can be adjusted by changing the interval between the comma blade and the coating roller. In this special method of forward roller coating, if the operation is improper, the position of the knife edge is contrary to the working position, the coating parameters and the slurry parameters are not in a certain plan, and vertical lanes may be harmful, which is called vertical lanes.

Second: Reversal roller coating handling process

Coating Machine Reversal roll coating and its coating window: In the pole piece cloth machine, the slurry coating on the coating roll is carried in the empty area of the bright roll to the copper foil or wrapped on the back roll in the opposite direction. On aluminum foil. Therefore, the coating process must also meet the rules of reverse roller coating. In the reversal roll coating process, if the vacancy of the two rolls is relatively small, the capillary number is sufficiently low, that is, when the viscosity or speed is relatively small, the activities in the plan with a relatively wide speed ratio are relatively stable. Can get better coating apparent quality. If the vacancy is relatively large, when the coating speed is high, it will simply show air entrapment, and there will be many fine bubbles on the surface of the coating. Sometimes in order to increase the output value, the advancing coating speed is selected, which can show the harmfulness of air trapping. In order to eliminate this harmfulness, the operation method of reducing the space is selected. If the space is too small, the coating roller and the back roller are kneaded with each other, and the load of the motor and reducer is added, which constitutes abnormal wear. This is also the second reason why the coating speed of the slurry in the reverse roller is limited.

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