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What are the main systems of the coating machine

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SHANDONG EASTTAI PAPER MACHINERY CO.,LTD. specializes in the development and manufacture of coating machines and circular knife die-cutting machines. Today I will share with you what are the main systems of the coating machine: mother roll conveying system, coating system, heating and drying Dry system, cooling system;

coating machine

      Parent roll conveying system: adopts single-station lifting unwinding method, equipped with two 3-inch convex key air expansion shafts, 5kg magnetic powder brake to control unwinding tension, and the whole frame adopts epc hydraulic automatic correction and pneumatic film connecting mechanism to ensure During the unwinding process, the machine runs stably to improve production efficiency.

      Coating system: It adopts the coating method of anilox coating (two types of coating combination of positive pressure and reverse rubbing glue), equipped with 4 anilox rollers, a level control system with glue, double-sided scraper, aluminum alloy platen and Transition rollers and other devices. The movement type is that the rubber roller and demoulding and glue leveling adopt air cylinder to control the up and down movement and add limit protection, the air pressure can be adjusted, and it is controlled by solenoid valve.

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      Heating and drying system: using electricity, hot air, steam, heat transfer oil and other heating methods. The inner and outer walls and the wind lining are made of cold-rolled plate; the nozzle is made of cold-rolled plate and made of white zinc-plated. Filling with 80mm ditch ultra-fine glass wool inside can keep the temperature at 105-115 degrees Celsius to ensure that the coating meets the process requirements.

      Cooling system: hard chrome-plated cooling roller to cool and shape the tape, and is equipped with a power roller with a knurled Teflon coating on the surface, an arc-shaped spreading roller made of nitrile rubber, and a transition roller made of aluminum alloy. And epc hydraulic ground hole correction device and other devices, to provide guarantee for the neat and beautiful winding.


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