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What are the maintenance skills of facial paper machine

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facial paper machine

More and more people choose to invest in facial paper machines. The broad market leads to various new types of facial paper machines appearing in the market one after another. In the face of new intelligent machinery and equipment, we expect better work efficiency. I don’t know much about new equipment, so I only know a little about troubleshooting. In order to ensure efficiency, we must first ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The following people from Eastai Machinery will introduce the troubleshooting skills of facial paper machine, hoping to help everyone.

Facial paper machine troubleshooting skills can be done in three steps:

Step 1: Overhaul the facial paper machine, take out the rotor and various parts, and clean it. Check the condition of all internal parts, measure the degree of wear and corrosion, and replace parts if necessary.

Step 2: Check and adjust the bearing for minor repairs, and check the coaxiality of the coupling. Check and adjust the looseness of the anchor bolts. Repair or replace defects that have occurred in individual parts during operation.

The third step: measure with a level ruler during assembly, adjust the unevenness of the pump, and check and adjust the coaxiality of the coupling.

As long as the enterprise conducts troubleshooting for the new facial paper machine according to the above three steps, it can greatly improve the running time of the equipment, not only reduce the maintenance time of the paper machine, but also ensure the normal operation of the equipment for a longer time, creating more opportunities for the enterprise. benefit.

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