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What are the requirements of the pumping processing plant? Is the pumping processing equipment investment large?

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Business is about management, entrepreneurship is about the market, and good tissues in the market are our choice for entrepreneurship. Paper extraction processing requires a  paper extraction machine and packaging machine.

We do paper-drawing processing. We must open our own paper-drawing processing plant. The size of the paper-drawing processing plant is also related to our pumping machine. If we do small-scale processing, the basic three-row paper extraction machine is OK, so our processing plant is also small-scale. Enough to store paper extraction equipment, raw materials and finished paper extraction. Prepare a processing plant around 100.

For large-scale paper processing plants, our first is the large processing output. The five-row and ten-row pumping machines are suitable for us. The efficiency is high, the output is large, and our development is also about 200-300.

Without a good market and profits, no one would do it. The profit of smoking paper is what we have always said. Many people say that smoking paper is half profitable. This is an exaggerated component, but it also shows that the profit of smoking paper is really large. First of all, there are boxed paper drawers for the paper drawer, and soft drawers. The profit of box pumping is also greater, and the important thing is that the quality of the pumping paper is very good. The raw material used for pumping paper is tray paper, which is the raw material of the specifications after the large shaft paper is cut, called tray paper. Paperboard is also purchased from raw material manufacturers. Of course, some of them have made their processing plants more diversified, and they will buy tray paper cutting machines to cut large shaft paper.

The investment of paper-drawing equipment in the paper-drawing processing plant is part of it. We are investing in choosing equipment according to our own capital and investing, so that we can better develop and live better.

Pumping machine investment: The pumping machine and the packaging machine are machines for processing pumped paper, and we all know that the profit of pumped paper is large. But in the early stage, everyone is still unfamiliar with this industry, many places do not know much

For the business of making tissue paper, everyone is concerned only with cost, profit, and sales.

As for the paper processing plant, the investment is in the equipment of the paper drawing machine, workshop, raw materials and labor. These are all needed in the processing industry.

Paper-drawing machine fully automatic machine, help us to a great extent processing, are man-machine interface operating system, automatically process the paper, and then packaging. The paper extraction process uses 2-3 people manually. In the early stage, we usually processed it by our own family, which also saved a lot of labor costs. Of course, we can also hire workers to produce toilet paper. Labor costs come in daily performance.

Large-scale paper processing plant The paper-making plantinvestment is mainly in the paper-drawing equipment and plant, and the paper-drawing machine equipment has a higher price and higher investment and higher return than other household paper equipment. Management is our long-term plan to do a good paper processing factory.

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