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What are the system functions of the paper machine

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What are the system functions of the paper machine? It is customary to divide the paper machine into long, round, sandwich and long round screen models according to the type of paper forming machine used; there are also divided into cultural paper according to its main product varieties Machine (including newsprint)

   Transmission system

   Connect the various parts of the paper machine to run synchronously, so that the machine and electricity are integrated. It is composed of mechanical deceleration device, speed regulating and speed stabilizing device, branch transmission device, etc., all of which use electric power as the power source.

  White water system

   is a recycling, processing and recycling system for the dewatering of the forming section of the paper machine. Including white water collection, transportation, filtration or sedimentation, air floatation and other equipment to separate and recycle fiber and filler for reuse, as well as the entire system for recycling clean white water in the papermaking process.



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