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What determines the rewinding quality of toilet paper rewinder

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Toilet paper rewinder is a kind of forming equipment used in toilet roll production. Rewinding quality directly affects product quality, so it is very important for manufacturers to control rewinding quality. But some other factors will affect the rewinding quality of toilet paper rewinder, which are they?

1. Tension control of unwinding. During rewinding a set of paper, it is necessary to avoid changing the rewinding tension as much as possible, so as to ensure that the internal and external tightness of the rewinder is uniform. Secondly, in the rewinding process, if the tension control of the web is too small, the paper roll will be loose or slip on the bottom roll, resulting in wrinkles, paper page interweaving and other paper diseases. Too much tension control will cause bursting or damage to the paper core. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the actual control value of the tension constant and install a well adjusted inertia instantaneous compensation regulator in the tension closed-loop control system.

2. Line pressure of the nip roll. In the initial stage of rewinding, the paper roller provides additional load for the paper roll, and acts with the front and rear bottom rollers to provide a rewinding force for the paper roll. With the increase of the roll diameter, the position of the press roll rises gradually, and the load provided by the press roll also decreases gradually. When the roll diameter reaches a certain value, the load provided by the press roll is zero, at this time, it only exists as a device to maintain the roll position. The pressure control procedure of the press roll must be selected according to the paper quality and final diameter. In general, the press roll pressure is automatically controlled according to the preset pressure curve, and the operator does not need to change it.

3. The speed difference between the front and rear backup rolls. The rewinding force is formed by the speed difference of the back-up roll. The rewinding force determines the size of the paper roll tightness. Improving the rewinding force of the toilet paper rewinder can increase the paper roll tightness.

The above three aspects are the three factors that will affect the rewinding quality of toilet paper rewinder, so in order to ensure the rewinding quality of the machine, we need to take certain measures to control the equipment structure of these three aspects.


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