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What industries are automatic pipe cutting machines suitable for?

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1. Full-automatic pipe cutting machine advertising industry: large-scale plastic word cutting. Two-color plate engraving. Plexiglas carving and cutting. Sign engraving. crystal. Trophy carving. Authorized card carving, acrylic PVC and so on.

2. Leather garment processing industry: genuine leather. Synthetic leather. Artificial leather. Cloth. Carve complex text graphics on fur. Cutting. Carved hollow and so on. Craft processing, clothing, underwear, home furnishings, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car flower industry cutting, carving, carving on glass can also go beyond fashion and highlight personality.

3. Crafts industry: wood. Bamboo pieces. ivory. bone. leather. Marble shells and other materials are carved with beautiful patterns and text.

4. Model industry: Making sandbox building models and aircraft models. ABC board cutting. Multi-layer board cutting, etc.

5. Packaging industry: Engraving and printing rubber sheet. Plastic plates. Double-layer board. Knife die cutting blade and so on.

6. Product identification industry: Equipment nameplate. Product anti-counterfeiting marking.

7. Fully automatic pipe cutting machine in other industries: Marble shadow carving. granite. glass. crystal. And other decorative materials. Paper cut. Greeting cards and other paper craft cutting.


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