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What is a good way to maintain toilet paper rewinder?

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When the rewinder is used too frequently, there will be some small problems. What's a good way to maintain the toilet paper rewinder? When the rewinder is in normal operation, the accompanying sound always has certain rhythm and rhythm. As long as we are familiar with and master these normal rhythms and rhythms, we can compare whether the rewinder has heavy, miscellaneous, strange and disorderly abnormal noise through human auditory function, and judge the hidden dangers such as looseness, impact and imbalance in the rewinder. Knock the parts with a hammer to see if there is any crack noise, and then judge whether there is any crack.

Electronic stethoscope is a vibration acceleration sensor. It converts the vibration state of rewinder into electrical signal and amplifies it. Workers use headphones to monitor the vibration sound of rewinder, so as to realize the qualitative measurement of sound. By measuring the signals of the same measuring point, different period, the same speed and the same working condition, and comparing them, we can judge whether the rewinder has faults.

When the earphones produce crisp and sharp noise, it means that the vibration frequency is high, generally the parts with relatively small size and relatively high strength have local defects or micro cracks.

When the earphone emits turbid and low noise, it means that the vibration frequency is relatively low. Generally, the parts with relatively large size and relatively low strength have large cracks or defects.

When the noise from headphones is stronger than usual, it means that the fault is developing. The louder the sound is, the more serious the fault is. When the noise from headphones appears randomly and intermittently, it indicates that some parts or components are loose.


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