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What is the cause of odor during papermaking?

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What is the cause of odor during paper making?

    The main sources of odor in pulp and paper mills are the exhaust gas discharged during the pulping process and the volatile gas discharged from the auxiliary process, and its cooking system. Black liquor extraction systems, alkali recovery evaporation stations, alkali recovery furnaces, lime kilns and sewage treatment stations all produce different degrees of odor, but the main source of odor is still in the cooking system.

     The reason for the odor caused by cooking is that Dalian waste heat and steam need to be discharged when cooking. The waste heat steam contains a certain amount of volatile hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfide and other reducing sulfides. Sulfide is a colored gas with a rotten egg smell. It is acidic and flammable. It is soluble in water, ethanol and glycerin. It is chemically unstable and can be oxidized into sulfur dioxide in the air.

     Sulfide is the main component of the odor, the skills are smelled, and it takes a long time to float in the air to disperse. Therefore, it is difficult to completely remove this odor. When the solubility of the sulfide is not high, people feel the malodor. When the solubility is high, it is a mental toxic substance, which has a significant stimulating effect on the human mucosa.


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