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What is the common cutting edge of the pipe cutting machine

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Pipe cutting machine Disadvantages of co-edge cutting, if multiple parts are cut by co-edge, the thermal deformation is large, and there are certain requirements for cutting compensation. If the compensation is not correct, the cut workpiece will be small, and the cut workpiece may be a waste. In addition to improving production efficiency, the pipe cutting machine can also save plate and gas. Although the cutting machine is an intelligent device, the cutting path is artificially given to him. However, in order to save costs, we cut similar workpieces. If you want to use coedge cutting, coedge cutting is also called "borrow cutting". Co-edge cutting is best used for the co-edge of several figures. If you want to cut a whole board, all of the materials are nested. This error is relatively large.

 The pipe cutting machine is mainly used to cut metal plates, such as cutting carbon steel plates, stainless steel, alloy steel plates and other materials! The pipe cutting machine is alsoPipe cutting machine tool. In the process of using it, it is inevitable that there are problems such as this while cutting efficiently. Therefore, after-sales is unavoidable. Even the best CNC machine tools must be equipped with professional after-sales service personnel. When the machine tool has a problem, solve the problem for the customer in time to facilitate the production and use of the customer!


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