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What is the difference between Sizing Roll and Squeeze roll

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Sizing Roll

As we all know, the sizing roll and Squeeze roll in the size tank are arranged in pairs, and half of the sizing roll is immersed in the slurry. When the sizing roller rotates, the sizing can be brought to above the liquid level, so that the yarn is always surrounded by sufficient sizing before squeezing, and the dipping time is prolonged. So what are the specific differences between the sizing roll and the Squeeze roll?

Sizing roll are generally seamless steel pipes with chrome-plated surfaces, which require a smooth, rounded and wear-resistant surface; while Squeeze rolls are generally cast iron rolls covered with nitrile rubber, with smooth surfaces and microporous surfaces. The three technical indicators of Squeeze roll are directly related to the sizing: 1. The surface state of the squeeze roll, that is, whether it is a smooth roll or a microporous roll; 2. The surface hardness of the Squeeze roll; 3. The effect of the Squeeze roll on the warp and the sizing roll Pressure, namely squeezing force. The above are some related introductions about the difference between the sizing roll and the Squeeze roll. I hope it will be helpful for your further understanding.


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