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What is the difference between a napkin machine and a facial paper machine?

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facial paper machine

①First, let’s take a look at what is a napkin machine and a facial paper machine:

Napkin paper: The napkin machine is to emboss, fold, and cut the cut paper into square or long paper towels by bai. In fact, the napkin machine here refers to three different folding paper towel machines: wallet paper machine, handkerchief paper machine, napkin machine. The money clip machine and the napkin machine can be completed by replacing the folding board, but the handkerchief machine must be a different equipment from other paper towel machines.

Facial tissue machine: The full name of the facial tissue machine is the boxed facial tissue machine. It is the most common type of boxed facial tissue machinery and equipment. It processes the divided and cut tray paper into interactive folds into facial tissues. After boxing, it becomes a drawable boxed facial tissue. The machine is pulled out one by one from the box when in use, which is convenient and trouble-free. The boxed facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption, automatic counting and stacking device, which has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity. It is an advanced equipment for boxed facial tissue production.

②Then take a look at their different classifications:

Napkin machine classification:

According to speed: ordinary low-speed napkin machine, high-speed napkin machine

According to the number of embossing rolls: single embossing napkin machine, double embossing napkin machine

According to color printing: ordinary napkin machine, single-color printing napkin machine, double-color printing napkin machine and multi-color printing napkin machine

According to the number of layers: single-layer napkin machine, double-layer napkin machine

Other categories can be freely combined: such as ordinary low-speed single-color printing napkin machine, high-speed color printing napkin machine, double embossing color printing napkin machine, etc.

Facial tissue machine classification:

The large range of Facial paper machine can be divided into three types. For example, removable facial tissue machine, cube facial tissue machine, mini facial paper machine. shandong easttai's removable facial tissue machine adopts vacuum absorption function and is cut and folded into a hinged stack of paper by knife rollers; while the cube facial tissue machine is based on a net cage rewinder, which is subsequently cut into strips and then cut into one Sheet-to-sheet box stacking paper; Mini facial tissue machine is usually called mini handkerchief paper machine, which adopts vacuum absorption and folding forming. Therefore, facial tissue machines can also be divided into removable facial tissue machines, cube facial tissue machines and mini facial tissue machines according to the different folding methods of facial tissues.

③Look at their advantages and characteristics:

Napkin machine: accurate counting, accurate cutting, environmental protection and energy saving, and embossing can produce various clear and beautiful patterns according to user needs.

Facial paper machine: Facial paper machine is of first-class quality, with unwinding tension control, which can adapt to the production of high and low tension base paper. The pattern can be rolled on the paper, and the pattern is clearly clear. The facial paper machine adopts stepless speed regulation, conveying, embossing and registration; vacuum folding and cutting. In addition, the suction facial tissue machine also uses a spiral knife body to cut and vacuum to fold. Automatic counting and outputting the whole column. Stepless speed regulation unwinding, adapt to different tension base paper. Electronically controlled pneumatic, easy to operate. Facial tissue machine can be equipped with paper surface rolling pattern device, the pattern is obvious.


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