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What is the difference between a web-cutting machine and a slitter-rewinder

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Web cutting machine

      The roll paper cutting machine is suitable for longitudinal and cross-cutting of roll materials such as white paper, gold and silver paperboard, plain rainbow paper, positioning laser anti-counterfeiting paper, and plastic sheets. The computer part of the web cutting machine is composed of an industrial control computer embodying international advanced technology, a 5.5" color digital display, an imported frequency converter, a photoelectric sensor, an AC servo motor and a driver. The speed of the feeding motor is controlled by the computer to achieve synchronous operation. It has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, fast speed, convenient feeding, etc., and can be equipped with paper humidification, drying and leveling systems to make the paper straight and shaped.

      Slitting and rewinding machine

      Slitting and rewinding machine is a special equipment for paper making. Its purpose is to rewind the paper rolls (called original paper rolls) produced by the paper machine in sequence. After rewinding, the paper is made into finished paper and leaves the factory. At present, the use of AC drives instead of DC drives in slitter rewinders has become a development trend in the slitter rewinder industry. The paper roll that is wound by the paper roll machine is relatively soft, and there may be breakage or broken ends inside, the edges on both sides are uneven, and the width of the paper web cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most paper types (such as newsprint) , Letterpress printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) must pass through the slitting rewinding machine trimming, slitting, joints, re-rolled on the core of the paper roll to form a finished paper roll of a certain specification and a certain degree of tightness before leaving the factory. The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks: first, cutting the raw paper burrs; second, cutting the whole base paper into several widths that meet the user's specifications; third, controlling the diameter of the finished paper roll to meet the factory specifications .


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