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What is the function of the scraper of the coating machine? How to replace it if it is broken

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The role of the doctor blade of the coating machine:

(1) Squeegee pressure At present, the squeegee used for squeegeeing glue on the anilox roll basically uses a stainless steel blade. During coating, the pressure exerted by the doctor blade on the anilox roll is too small. When there are impurities, the doctor blade will be lifted up to create a gap, making the coating uneven and the amount of coating increased. The factors that affect the pressure of the scraper are: the hardness of the blade and the angle between the scraper and the anilox roller. In actual operation, it is better to adjust the scraper with a pressure hammer, and the scraper pressure is generally about 200-400kPa.

(2) Scraper angle The angle between the squeegee and the contact tangent of the anilox roll is generally between 15° and 30°. If the angle is too large, the scraper almost bears against the anilox roller, and the surface of the anilox roller is not smooth. When it runs at high speed, it will cause the elastic doctor blade to vibrate or jump, causing the solution to bounce up and cause coating. The amount is not uniform, causing the problem of large differences in coating amount. In addition, too large an angle can easily damage the scraper blade.

       How to change the squeegee of the coating machine?

Scraper for cleaning waste: The scraper blade is made of steel, and the position of the knife edge and the coating roller should be adjusted to prevent damage to the coating. The comma roller, servo motor knife adjustment, and roller bearing are in the lowest position. A spacer is placed between the comma roller and the coating roller to avoid touching and loosening all fixed parts. Manually adjust the knife to prevent the rolling surface from contacting and removing it.


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