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What is the main function of the pressure screen rotor?

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pressure screen rotor

      The pressure screen rotor rotates inside or outside the hoop drum. The rotor on the rotor runs close to the screen drum. At the front of the rotor. The rotor creates pressure on the paddle. Make the pulping pass quickly. At the back of the rotor. Form negative pressure. The purified slurry backwashes the screen drum. Prevent the sieve from being blocked.

      The pressure screen adopts the up-flow structure design of slurry at the bottom, heavy slag at the bottom, and light slag at the top. Effectively solve the above problems. Light impurities and air in the slurry naturally rise to the top slag discharge port for discharge. Once heavy impurities enter the body, they can settle to the bottom and be discharged. In this way, the pressure screen rotor effectively shortens the residence time of impurities in the screen area, reduces the possibility of impurities circulation, and improves the screening efficiency; on the other hand, it prevents heavy impurities from damaging the rotor and the screen drum, and extends the service life of the equipment. .


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