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What is the papermaking felt in the papermaking machinery?

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Papermaking felts require good dehydration, smoothness, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, antimicrobial resistance, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance.

The processing method of papermaking felt is to first use synthetic fiber to make a thick and thin base cloth, and then lay a mixed fiber net of synthetic fiber and a small amount of wool, which is formed by needle punching, chemical treatment, resin finishing and heat setting.

Papermaking blankets are divided into two types: woven and knitted. The woven paper blanket is made of wool and nylon staple fiber blended yarn with a blending ratio of about 75:25, which is made by weaving, shrinking, raising, drying and setting. The manufacturing method of needle-punched papermaking felt is to first comb 50% wool and 50% nylon staple fiber or 100% nylon staple fiber into a fiber web, overlap multiple layers, and then use a barbed steel needle to stab the fiber web to the pre-woven fabric. On the annular base cloth, it can achieve a certain degree of tightness and flatness. Acupuncture methods include single-sided acupuncture and double-sided acupuncture. Needle-punched felt has the characteristics of good water drainage, wear resistance, high strength and long service life.


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