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What is the reason for the pressure plate of the paper cutter not returning?

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What is the reason why the paper cutter platen does not return?

1. Electrical failure, there are usually 2~3 travel switches behind the paper cutter transmission mechanism (turbine box, gear transmission, etc.) Automatically return to the high point (both for the cutter counting function); the other one is used for the high point stop model, when the travel switch and the meeting position are not correct, the cutter will not stop at the high point (in this case only It is necessary to adjust the position of the bumper or travel switch to remove the fault.

The Importance of Cutter Accuracy

2. Brake failure, the input end of the cutter transmission (turbine box, gear transmission, etc.) must be equipped with a braking device. When the brake pads are worn or the clearance is too large, the cutter cannot stop at a high point (adjust the clearance or replace the brake pads) can be solved), or the clutch disc is stuck, resulting in inflexible return (disassemble some parts of the brake, clean and refuel to solve).

3. Hydraulic failure, when the new machine leaves the factory, the hydraulic piston does not return to the low point. After a period of use, the piston returns to the low point after the surface is worn in, causing the position of the paper press to be too high (it is generally believed that the blade is lower than the bottom of the paper press ), the easiest way to deal with this is that most manufacturers will set a top cover on the piston head, we only need to thicken the top cover to solve it. The approximate parameters are that when the top cover is thickened by 1mm, the paper press is lowered by about 1.4mm.


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