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What is the relationship between the role of environmental protection paper machine forming device and paper?

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The function of the environmental protection paper machine forming device, also known as the wire part, is an important part of the paper machine. The paper suspension forms the paper sheet on it. The quality of the paper and the normal production of the paper machine are all related to the operation of the forming device. close relationship. Once the wet paper web is formed in the forming device, the fiber interweaving state in the paper is basically set, and the basic physical properties of the paper are also determined. The subsequent processes of pressing, drying and calendering of the paper machine can only improve the formed form to a limited extent. The nature of the paper web. The forming device is usually also a complex part of the paper machine. During operation, the power consumption and maintenance costs of the forming device account for a considerable proportion of the entire paper machine.

The forming of the paper web is a complicated process, which can usually be simply regarded as the result of the fibers gradually deposited on the surface of the forming net and intertwined into a thin layer. To obtain a uniformly structured paper web, in addition to the need for good-performance flow equipment, it is also necessary to make the paper material undergo a reasonable dehydration process on the forming wire surface. Generally, by controlling the difference between the net speed and the pulping speed, shaking the net and selecting appropriate dewatering elements, the fiber suspension in the web forming process is relatively calm and has certain turbulence, thus Disperse the deposited fibers uniformly without flocculation, and at the same time avoid inappropriate excessive rapid dehydration, so that the rubber material, filler and fine fibers in the paper are lost too much, resulting in the difference in the properties of the two sides of the paper web.


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