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What is the significance of the development of papermaking?

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Papermaking, especially the papermaking technique improved by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty (also known as "Cai Du Hou paper"), is a revolution in writing materials. It is easy to carry and widely used. It promotes the cultural development of China, Arabia, Europe and even the whole world.

The spread of paper in China has a complex and long history. As a carrier of cultural communication, Chinese culture has a long history. Therefore, paper has an important historical position in China. Paper burning is a part of the traditional paper making technology, which is convenient for people's daily life.

At present, the main raw materials of burning paper machine are bamboo, waste paper and other renewable plants, and their industrial and commercial values are generally recognized. Other raw materials used in the production of paper-making machine are gradually used to reduce the consumption of wood and other materials, which meet people's daily demand for paper, and are also the development direction of the paper machine industry Know the direction.


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